Mr. Lim’s 34 years of experience in sales and marketing of advanced technologies for the information technology and television/video industries have led to success in a wide variety of areas, including broadcast and interactive TV.

In focusing on the intersection of technology and marketing, as well as the emergence of convergent technologies, Mr. Lim has provided leading systems, technologies and professional services to the cable TV, broadcast, wireless and interactive TV industries; the video and digital film production field; and the subscriber-management systems, real-time operating systems, and relational databases sectors. Mr. Lim’s sales and marketing development responsibilities have included staff recruitment; establishing sales and marketing IS systems; defining and managing the development and deployment of products and services; and instituting corporate goals and directions.

Mr. Lim’s accomplishments of late include:

Consulted and presented on new media topics including HDTV over IP, iTV strategy and content, digital rights management (DRM), content management and architecture, and broadband wireless.
Built a sales and marketing organization spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India, and the Middle East.

Created marketing strategy for the promotion and sale of addressable pay TV systems with premium programming, high speed cable modems with broadband content, and Voice over IP services for CATV MSOs.
Crafted product and marketing strategies for a major video server manufacturer focused on digital video applications in multi-channel news, interstitial, advertising and program content acquisition and play out
Launched the use of shared network storage systems for the computer animation and film effects industry in Japan and Asia.
Instituted the use of digital presentation control for DBS, CATV and terrestrial broadcast companies in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Most recently, Mr. Lim worked in international assignments for Front Porch Digital International, and SAMMA Systems, an archival systems supplier specializing in the creation of new media archives from legacy videotape libraries. In these positions, he was responsible for: products and services strategy, top and bottom line growth, recruitment, and management.
Mr. Lim holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University.

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